Monday, June 20, 2005

Well our baby boy is 5 years old!!!! I can't believe 5 years has already gone by!!!! We had a big family birthday party on Saturday. Grandma and Grandpa were here from Arizona in time for the party this was great having them here. It was a great time with family.... Dan and Tina we missed you. Posted by Hello

Here is the beginning of the present insanity. The boy received great gifts and was one happy boy. Batman seemed to be the theme again this year. Posted by Hello

I had been mowing the lawn all morning. I told the boys I was going to take a shower and then make them lunch. While I was in the shower they worked hard to surprise me with this. They were so excited!! They told me that they figured I was tired from all my hard work mowing the lawn and didn't want me to have to make lunch. I almost cried! What sweet boys we have. I would say we have some good husband material in the making over here :-)  Posted by Hello

This is a close up look of the sandwich the boys made me. Notice there is no meat on this sandwich. The boys told me that they couldn't find any meat in the frig so that is the best they could do. I did make some tuna and added it to the sandwich, which tasted really good. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 12, 2005

This one of a very few family photos we have. We took our first family vacation in January to Phoenix, Arizona. Darin ran the Phoenix Rock N' Roll Marathon. This was taken on South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona the day after the marathon. We were actually able to keep up with Darin since he had just run 26.2 miles the day before :-) Posted by Hello

This is Martin in the cock pit of the airplane we took to Arizona in January. The flight attendant found out it was the first flight for both the boys so she had them stop by and chat with the pilots. The boys were VERY excited. The pilot let them push buttons and sit in the main seat! I think Darin was wishing he had a chance to fly this baby if anything went wrong on our flight :-) Posted by Hello

This is Luke in the same airplane cock pit.  Posted by Hello

Darin has a passion for climbing mountains. This is a photo of his brother Dan on a Mt. Hood climb they did 2-21-05. You can see Mt. Jefferson in the background. This is on the climbing schedule for this year.Posted by Hello

My brother Dan just below the "pearly gates' Mt. Hood Posted by Hello

We finally have a blog site

So with MUCH encouragement and influence from my dear brother we are now officially bloggers.