Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Luke has been in soccer classes this year. He LOVES it. I think we have found a sport that totally fits Luke. Posted by Picasa

This year Martin has been taking Karate lessons. He really enjoys it. This is a photo of an outside forearm block. If your wondering.... non of the moves he has learned is allowed to be performed in the home or on anybody he knows (specifically his little brother) . :-) Posted by Picasa

Martin LOVES the drums. We bought him this set at Christmas. He can play about 8 different beats at this point. He just sits down and comes up with something new every day. We will be starting official lessons next year. Posted by Picasa

This was a sad day. The boy's first pet, our fish Larkin, died. We buried him out by the shed in a little box. The rocks are so we wouldn't forget where he was buried. Martin wanted to make a cross out of sticks in memory of Larkin. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 12, 2006


The boy FINALLY lost his first tooth. He was one happy boy!!! Posted by Picasa

The boys had to make a car for them to sit inside of for drive-in movie night at Awanas last month. We used stuff we had around the house and came up with these. Martin drew all the webbing all around the entire took a long time. I was proud of his perserverance. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 06, 2006


Here are my two kings. My Mom bought this outfit for me to wear the night of the feast so I would fit the part. The boys made their own crowns and septors. The castle was a joint effort with the boys doing most of the work. Auntie Amelia made the king outfits the boys are wearing...she did an awesome job! This medieval study took A LOT of time, but was a fun was to learn and it created a lot of fun memories. Posted by Picasa

Martin gave a speech on the castle we worked so hard on. He wrote down on the scroll he is holding all the different parts of the castle and how it was made. He did a great job. We had another family here that participated in the feast. It was Martin's first official public speech. He did great. You can see that Luke is in the background inside the castle. He was Martin's helper during the speech...pointing out all the parts as Martin talked about them. Brothers working sweet. Posted by Picasa

Let's eat!!!!!!!! No silverware was used during those times except for an occasional spoon. We used the traditional trencher for plates (bread hollowed out) and cloth napkins...paper ones were not invented yet. It was a really fun and messy night with lots of food.  Posted by Picasa

Luke started off the evening with a speech regarding the table manners. He then sounded the horn for the feast to begin! Posted by Picasa

The table setting of the medieval feast. Posted by Picasa

Martin having a bit of fun before he painted the last side of the castle. Posted by Picasa

This is the beginning stages of our castle we made for our homeschool unit study of medieval times. Posted by Picasa