Saturday, March 31, 2007

Martin and Darin have been heading to the highschool track lately so Martin can get his weekly runs in. Posted by Picasa
The boy is a bit tired because he was working on his speed. Posted by Picasa


I just love to see all the colorful flowers that Spring brings in our yard! Posted by Picasa
This is one my favorite trees on our property. These pink blooms just appear overnight it seems and within a couple of weeks the same tree is covered in burgandy leaves. I am always amazed at God's creativity. Posted by Picasa
The tree is already changing into the burgandy leaves. It takes only a couple of weeks for this entire change to happen. Posted by Picasa
Here is another one of Martin's army fort creations. He spends hours making these things. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 24, 2007


We set the timer on the camera and got a rare family photo! We had a really nice time just relaxing and having fun!! Thanks Mom and Dad. Posted by Picasa
Just relaxing with my boys. Posted by Picasa
Don't worry Grandma and Grandpa Pfeiffer, I made sure the condo was in tip-top shape when we left!  Posted by Picasa
The boys and I having fun the pool!!! Darin didn't want to swim, so I put him in charge of taking some photos.  Posted by Picasa
Martin having a blast in the pool. He was in the deep end for this photo. Posted by Picasa
As you can tell Darin took this photo. I love the smile on Luke's face, he was having such a great time!! Posted by Picasa
I tried to take a picture of Darin and I as we were driving back from the beach, but once again my arms are not long enough! Posted by Picasa
2 hours of swimming makes for a sleepy boy! Posted by Picasa
This is such a rare event I had to capture it on film! Martin never sleeps in the car, but after 2 hours of swimming the boy was too tired to stay awake. It is creepy that his eye was half open, but I know he was asleep because he was snoring. Posted by Picasa
This is one of the crafts we did in school recently. It is made out of a 2-litre soda bottle. The boys painted their fish and we hung them above their desks in the school room. This is Martin's fish. Posted by Picasa
This is Luke's fish he made. Posted by Picasa


This is one happy boy! He pulled out his first loose tooth in February. Posted by Picasa
Martin and Luke are having a blast with the Lincoln Logs that were given to them by Uncle Todd a few years back. Now that the boys are older they actually design cool stuff instead of leaving them all over the house for me to step on and pick up. This is one of Martin's creations! Posted by Picasa