Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Luke's Archery Birthday Party

The boys had a great time.

Birthday Cake Celebration

The boys were the most rowdy at this point of the party. Luke had me make his favorite yellow German chocolate cake and everybody seemed to like it too.

Luke has officially given up the race car bed he has had for the last 5 years. He realized he is too big for it and needed a new bed. Here he is helping dad put it together. He was so excited you would have thought we gave him $1,000!


We had the annual birthday dinner on Luke's actual birthday June 16th. He wanted to go to Red Robin....father like son. Grandma ordered the famous tower of onion rings, which was a big hit.

I wanted to dip my french fry into Luke's birthday sundae and as you can see he didn't want any part of it. It was pretty funny.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Martin and Darin ran the 5k run again this year. They had a great time, but it was harder this year with the heat and amount of people.

MAJOR HOT RUN!!!!!!!!!!

This year was a lot hotter than last year's run. It was about 84 degrees and really humid. You can tell the heat was taking its toll on all the runners. Darin saw several barf spots on the course and one girl collapsed at the finish line and had to be taken away on a stretcher. I am glad I was just watching the run, because if I would have run I would have accounted for at least one barf spot and without a doubt would have had to be taken away on a stretcher!! There was also about double the amount of runners this year. They even ran out of water at the water station they had set up for finishing runners...YIKES!

The photo finish. Darin ran with Martin and was able to get some great action shots.

I was so proud of Martin. He ran really hard. The Gatorade was a good finish to the run.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Here are shots of the boy's favorite summer activities. I still can't keep shoes on Martin. Apparently riding a scooter without shoes feels fine to him....I will never get that!

Martin and Luke decided they needed to have a box in their tree house to keep some toys in so they wouldn't get bored. Here are a couple shots of the process. Martin cut this all by himself...looking at his face you can tell it was hard. Sorry no power saws allowed for children in this house.

The boys creation after they dumped the bag of can all over the floor. They were very proud of it.