Thursday, December 27, 2007


These a couple of my favorite pumpkin patch photos. Man time goes by too fast!

My have our boys grown!!


Not your typical vacation photos. This is on I-84 on our way to Spokane. My mom and our entire family went up to visit my brother and his family. It was fun time catching up with family and the boys were glad to hang out with their cousins!!

I love these shots!

This was quite a rare site. My mom saw this building off in the distance while driving on I-84 and thought Darin might have a good photo opportunity. Little did we know that there would be all of this. It looks like an old grain holder. The boys hiked up to the top with Dad. They said it smelled so bad...tons of bird poop everywhere. The funniest thing is this random couch. The boys had blast jumping on the couch, something they don't get to do at home. It was a fun detour along the way.

We drove way off I-84 to the tippy top of this hill to get an up close look at the wind mills. They are HUGE when you are that close to them. The sound they make that close lets you know the power they have. It was quite amazing.

Uncle Dan had fun with the kids giving them fake tattoos. The boys were pleased with the selection of skulls, wire and spiders instead of pretty princess.

We all took a trip to downtown Spokane and stopped at the BIG red wagon!! My boys love this. We walked along the water front and had dinner at Red Robin.....thanks Mom :-)