Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Today, August 29th we had our appointment at USCIS to have our fingerprints done for the adoption. We had heard that this could take quite a long time to accomplish. We finally found the building and paid the parking meter for 3 hours so we wouldn't have to run back out and refeed the meter. We walked right in the office at 10:00 am, filled out some paperwork, were sent to another waiting area and didn't even have a chance to sit down before they called our number. We were completely done by 10:16 am!!! This was the fastest step in the entire process so far! As we left the building we decided to walk around Portland for a bit to use up some of the prepaid meter time we had on parking. It was a bummer we couldn't take photos of the actual fingerprinting, but they have changed policies and with the Privacy Act they have banned all cell phones and cameras. Darin so wanted to document this portion of the process, but it was not meant to be, I guess.