Thursday, December 27, 2007


These a couple of my favorite pumpkin patch photos. Man time goes by too fast!

My have our boys grown!!


Not your typical vacation photos. This is on I-84 on our way to Spokane. My mom and our entire family went up to visit my brother and his family. It was fun time catching up with family and the boys were glad to hang out with their cousins!!

I love these shots!

This was quite a rare site. My mom saw this building off in the distance while driving on I-84 and thought Darin might have a good photo opportunity. Little did we know that there would be all of this. It looks like an old grain holder. The boys hiked up to the top with Dad. They said it smelled so bad...tons of bird poop everywhere. The funniest thing is this random couch. The boys had blast jumping on the couch, something they don't get to do at home. It was a fun detour along the way.

We drove way off I-84 to the tippy top of this hill to get an up close look at the wind mills. They are HUGE when you are that close to them. The sound they make that close lets you know the power they have. It was quite amazing.

Uncle Dan had fun with the kids giving them fake tattoos. The boys were pleased with the selection of skulls, wire and spiders instead of pretty princess.

We all took a trip to downtown Spokane and stopped at the BIG red wagon!! My boys love this. We walked along the water front and had dinner at Red Robin.....thanks Mom :-)

Saturday, November 10, 2007


We just finished up the chestnut season here at the Pfeiffer home. It is about a month of harvesting. We have established a good buyer base over the years so we sell out very quickly, which is wonderful. Over the years we have finally gotten most people to stop stealing our nuts!! This year we donated the money to Medical Teams Intl. Despite the fact that we were giving the funds away, we still had people come and steal from is simply amazing! These photos only show Luke harvesting the nuts, but it is a family event and well worth the time to bless those in need.


We have some HUGE spiders this year! I looked out the front window and saw this lovely guy and his web he weaved overnight. I loved how cool it looked with the rain on it so I took this pic. The boys thought it was cool too. I liked how this pic turned out.


This is the new pass time at our house. They climb higher everyday!!! It freaks me out a bit. If you look close, Luke is up above Martin. I have a rule at our house about climbing trees "You had better be able to climb down from the tree yourself, because Mom doesn't climb trees to rescue little boys. You will just have to wait until Dad get home!" They know I am very serious so they climb with extreme caution :-)


Monday, November 05, 2007


They put in a play structure in the new development going in across the street from us. Darin took advantage of a foggy morning and let Luke go and play. He had a blast. I really like how free and happy he looks in these pics.


Here are some silly pictures of Luke. He is always making us laugh!


Martin has many faces. The one with the hat on is full of beans we used to use for counting in school. The things they come up with always amazing me.

Triangle Moraine Hike

Darin took Martin for a father/son hike on Mt. Hood, September 7, 2007. The destination was Triangle Moraine at 9,300 ft. elevation. Martin did a great job. He is a strong climber just like his dad. They had a little lunch at triange moraine and then headed back down to Timberline Lodge. Martin said it was one of the best days of his life!!! Making memories that is what it is all about!

The boy comes down the mountain. He is all boy!


We had a great time this trip. There were a few "firsts" Jiffy Pop was experienced for the first time and the boys had their very first smores. Since we don't camp we took advantage of the new fire pit that we designed at Grandma and Grandpa's house to get the boys hooked on the most yummy treat of all!!!! As you can tell they REALLY liked them.