Monday, May 30, 2011

Alesha Day Celebration - 1 year - May 20, 2011

We made a stop at REI on our way to dinner, so I took the opportunity to get some shots of the kids together with the flowers and fountain.

The boys walking their sister safely along.  Martin looks less than enthused.  Must be that he is 12 and has the attitude to match :-(

Mommy and daughter.

Brothers and sister

Darin and his girl!
Our next stop was the India Palace for our celebration dinner.  The staff is so nice there.  We explained that we were celebrating Alesha being home with us for 1 year.   We asked if they could take a family photo of us and below is the result.  Too bad Alesha wasn't looking at the camera.  Oh, well I am just happy to have a family photo of our special day.

When we finished dinner we were given free dessert for everybody at our table.  How sweet is that?  The funny thing is that Alesha doesn't like anything sweet, but apparently Indian desserts are different because she gobbled down the entire dessert!  I was shocked!  Her first taste of Gulab Jamun was a success.

On the way home I tried to get a shot of the three kids together.  As you can see it was quite the challenge to get everybody looking and acting appropriately.  We had a lot of laughs!

At home we had a small cake to finish off the celebration.  Alesha, of course didn't want any of it, because it was not an Indian dessert :-)
Daddy with his three kids

Me with my three children

Alesha was all done having pictures taken and was ready for bed after a long day of celebration.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Home 1 year today

One year ago today, we stood in an orphanage in Kolkata, India and became a family of 5.  Alesha, you were placed in our arms FOREVER!  We have been blessed beyond measure.  Daily we look at you and thank God for allowing us to be your parents and brothers.  You are full of energy and bring so much joy to those around you.

It is so exciting to celebrate our first Alesha Day/Forever Family Day!  It is hard to believe that we have had you for a year already!  You are a precious gift to our family.  There are not enough words to describe all that you have added to our family.  Alesha, we love you SO much!

 My husband did an amazing job on capturing Alesha's joy and beauty.

Our beautiful princess - 26 months old
She is so full of joy!

Blowing mommy kisses!
Sweet girl!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gearhart April 2011

We took our first mini vacation as a family of 5 to Gearhart to visit Darin's parents.  It was so fun and relaxing!  Our family really needed a break and a time of relaxation.  We enjoyed taking Alesha swimming for the first time, walking around Seaside for a bit, taking Alesha on the carousel for the first time, playing lots of card games, and having meals prepared for us for the few days that we stayed.  Alesha still hasn't experienced the beach, it was too rainy and cold.  The beach will have to wait for this summer.

Getting ready to swim

Now that my hair is up I am ready to go

Our little turtle!  I got this brand NEW in the package Speedo swimsuit at a garage sale for $1 before Alesha even came home.  It has the float devices inside the suit.  

The kids having a GREAT time together!

My husband's awesome photography!

WOW, the majority of our family is REALLY pale!  How  I wish I had beautiful brown skin like my girl.


Going to throw the diving toys in the water for her brothers.

These are some of my favorite pictures.  I LOVE my husband's photography!

 Alesha's first time on the carousel.  She did great.  Held on all by herself as the horse went up and down.

Look of wonder as the sea gulls flew by.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter 2011

There have been so many firsts since Alesha has come home.  Easter was no exception.  The boys showed her how to color the Easter eggs and she really liked it.  There were numerous cracked eggs and lots of splashes of color on the table and hands, but it was lots of fun.  Can't believe I never got a shot of the finished eggs. Martin and Luke did some really cool ones this year.

 Easter baskets.  Alesha, didn't even really care about the basket.  It wasn't until the next day that we actually investigated its content.  She was at the beginning of a melt down as I was taking this photo.  At least the boys liked their gifts.

We had Easter dinner over at my mom's house.  It was a great spread of food!  
I love this picture.  She was looking down at her Grandpa Tom who was winking at her.

Our little model

Finding out what was inside those eggs.  Putting necklaces inside was a genius idea Grandma :-)

Alesha and her daddy

Alesha with her Great Grandma Haley

Grandma Lulu, Alesha, and Great Grandma Haley

4 generations!

Me and my girl

Trying to get the first Easter picture of the three kids together =  failure.

A little better shot.

I have to say it is REALLY fun to dress up a little girl.!  Getting her to stand still for pictures is not so fun :-)