Friday, December 10, 2010

A Beautiful Story

Having traveled to India and witnessed the desperate need people have for food, health, love, etc. it is wonderful to see someone stepping up and doing something for their own people. I love how it is very simple. Every person is equal. Giving is such an amazing thing. To see the smile on the man's face after a bath, haircut, shave is priceless. That man felt like he meant something for at least one day. It is incredible that this man does not disregard the need or his ability to fill it because he is of higher cast. He simply IS the hands and feet of Christ to these people. This story really moved me.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I had NO words after I watched this video. It touched SO many emotions within me and stirred my heart. When I watch videos like these I weep. I can't describe what happens in my heart and mind. It makes me want to scoop up ALL those children who are hurting, hungry, don't have somebody to love them and hold them and tell them that ARE important and loved beyond measure by the one who created them. When I showed this to my husband his words were "that video pierces your heart." Well said. I hope that this moves you and pierces your heart, too.

The video doesn't appear to be full screen on the blog. PLEASE go to YouTube and type in Eric Ludy- Depraved Indifference to see the video if it doesn't show up full screen for is WELL worth your time!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Clean Water

If you have been out of the country you are aware that clean water is a problem. This is a great way to help give that desperately needed water to those in need.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

21 months and BUSY!!!!

I am 21 months old today and I keep my mommy REALLY busy!

I love to open ANY drawer I can find

Bummer, mommy caught me before I could throw all the clothes on the floor
I can finally reach the door handle. It won't be long and I can find out what is behind all the doors in this house.

I LOVE to climb - this was a bit harder because the crazy thing rocked back and forth!
I really like phones, especially mommy's phones....her cell phone is the best!
More of my fun toys.
This is all I could empty out of the drawer before mom walked in. My baby spoons have always been my favorite thing to play with and I like to pretend I am eating food.

This cabinet is REALLY fun there are ALL kinds of things in here. The cans are cool, too, because I can stack them and make them fall over.

I think my mommy should not worry about how clean the house is, because she will NEVER be able to keep up with my messes :-)