Thursday, October 29, 2009

85 years old!

My grandma turns 85 years old today. She is the only living grandparent I have. I have enjoyed spending more time with her over the past few years as she is living closer with my mom caring for her. God has done a lot of work in my grandma over the years. A couple of years ago she was baptized. This isn't something you see everyday. God is faithful to continue a good work in His children. Grandma, I wish you a Happy Birthday with many more years to come.
I love you!

Monday, October 19, 2009

June Update - Luke Turns 9 Years Old - The Party!

My youngest turned 9 years old on June 16th! This year Luke decided to have his birthday party at TopNotch. We did a homeschool P.E. class there this year and he really enjoyed it. TopNotch puts on a GREAT birthday party complete with trampoline fun, foam pit, tons of great games with Jeremy, the owner, and the famous sling shot!

Luke and his friends prefer donuts over cake.

This gift bag is hysterical!


Getting fastened in.

The launch!



Luke's Family Birthday Dinner 6-16-09

We always have the boys pick the restaurant they want to go to on their birthday. Luke has always picked Red Robin (he takes after his dad). This year Grandma and Grandpa Pfeiffer were able to attend his birthday dinner. We had a great time. I can't believe my baby is 9 years old! Where do the years go?

Me with my handsome 9 year old son.

Last Day of School- June 2009

The boys requested that I make Indian food to celebrate their last day of school. I served it on the plates they painted at homeschool group this year. I should have taken a photo before I put the food on the plate so you could see what a great job they did. Martin's is on the right and Luke's is on the left.

June Zoo Trip

My brother and his family came down from Spokane for a visit. We surprised my mom by having me take her to the zoo for the day and my brother showed up with his family. We definitely surprised her. It was a fun day as you can see by the pictures. My boys were SO excited to see their cousins and I enjoyed spending time with family.

Me and my brother Dan (Dan you look so much like dad in this photo)

Martin and Luke with Uncle Dan and Aunt Tina
All the cousins together.

Boys will be BOYS!

The new baby elephant.

Inside the elephant exhibit. We had fun messing around with the elephant bike.

Typical DAN!

Too funny...look at Luke plugging his nose!
My nephew Spencer, Martin, Luke and Dan

My sweet nieces, Madeline and Sophie!

May Update

Martin has participated in the Awana program for many years. He completed his 2nd year of TNT at the end of May. These were taken after the award ceremony. Grandma, Grandpa and Great Grandma all came to celebrate his achievement.

Luke enjoys building with Lincoln Logs. He was so
happy with what he made he asked me to take a picture...
how could I resist this face :-)
One thing my boys love to do is paint. We had a beautiful day in May so they decided to paint outside. Here are the results.
Martin's finished masterpiece.

Luke's almost finished masterpiece.
In the process.

Tetherball (May)

Our boys were given a tetherball for Christmas last year and in May we finally figured out where to put it in the yard. The boys wanted to dig the hole all by themselves. Grandma and Grandpa came over to put the concrete in, shortened the rope, and they have been playing ever since. When I see them playing tetherball all I can think of is the tetherball scene in the movie Napoleon Dynamite :-)

This photo cracks me up! The post hole digger is
bigger than Luke. He also has his tongue out, which
is pretty standard when he is concentrating on something.

Martin has a lot more leverage than his brother

Team work....makes any mom happy

Complete, now for concrete.

The finishing touches