Friday, May 11, 2012

Alesha's 1st time at Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood 4-14-12

While the boys were tearing up the slopes I entertained little miss for 7 hours at the lodge.  Above is our adventure in the snow, which she LOVED!  Below are some pictures of how we spent the rest of our

Smokey the Bear

This wheel is spins

A box of pretty rocks on the floor at the ski shop =  1/2 hr of entertainment

Beautiful day. Sunny...must put on sunscreen ;  Cold....must put on layers of clothes

My attempt at a self picture of the two of us

Our beautiful girl

Maybe next year I will hit these slopes :-)

They have BIG chairs in the lodge.

End of the day.  Just waiting for my daddy and brothers to come to the car so we can head home.

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Peter and Nancy said...

It's been a looooonng time since I was at Mt. Hood (my dad has 2 sisters & their families who live in OR) -- but I came home with pretty rocks too. :o) What a trooper she is to try new things, and keep up with her big brothers!