Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Easter 2012

I don't know about you, but Easter snuck up on me this year.  With our family having the flu the last 2 weeks of March and still recovering I couldn't believe that Easter was here already!  Darin took the boys skiing so I decided to take Alesha to a community church Easter event happening in our neighborhood.  Since I was still weak from the flu I took advantage of somebody else planning an activity for us to attend :-)  This was Alesha's first BIG egg hunt.  She wasn't quite sure what to do.  There were SO many people there it was crazy. 

I always find it strange that when you go to a FREE community event (put on by the local church no less) that people have tons of stuff to complain about.  What ever happened to thanking the people who put on the event and just enjoying yourself?  I for one was just thankful for a nice sunshiny day and enjoyed spending time with my daughter. 

After sometime they officially started the egg hunt with a loud whistle and all the kids and parents ran like crazy for the hundreds of eggs laying wide open in the grass.  My cautious girl when it comes to lots of people stayed back and let everybody pass her. She finally found a long lost egg that somebody had missed.  It was already opened...probably somebody stepped on it, but she didn't mind.  She finally mingled in a bit with the other kids, but was not near fast enough to scoop those eggs up compared to the veteran egg hunters and their parents.  In the end, she had 6 1/2 eggs compared to all the other children who's baskets were overflowing (some with 50 or more).  My little love was so happy with her 6 eggs it brought as much of a smile as the 50.  She sat quietly and opened each egg delicately as she looked to see what treasure layed inside.  A sticker, a sucker, and a chocolate candy.  Perfect! 

Waiting for the whistle

Finding the long lost egg that everybody passed up.

Trying to figure out what to do.

Alesha with her 6 and one-half eggs.

We then headed over to where the fire engines were and Alesha loved it.  To my surprise she climbed inside the truck after she saw a little boy in front of her getting his picture taken.  We made our way through the Easter story display they had out and grabbed a bottle of water and bag of chips for our drive home.  I was exhausted, but it was a fun day.

She was pretty excited to sit in daddy's truck.

 The day Easter arrived we had not decorated eggs, nor did I get my traditional Easter baskets made for the kids, we had no guests coming over for dinner, and we missed church service, too. This made me so sad.  I just simply didn't have the energy to get anything done or make plans for people to come over when I didn't know when we would be well.  My kids were amazingly understanding.  The boys organized an egg hunt for Alesha in our yard and I managed to get a few pics of Alesha in her Easter dress.  My boys tend to steer clear of the camera these days.  I guess that is a middle school boy thing.  We spent the day together as a family and enjoyed dinner together.  At least I made the traditional Easter dinner.  Most importantly we gave thanks and talked about what Easter is really about. Jesus is Risen, He has Risen Indeed!  I hope next year will be filled with sharing this holiday with family and friends.

WOW, her lashes are LONG

This smile brings joy to my heart!

Alesha and Daddy

I'm all done with pictures, mommy

The boys showing her all the eggs

I loved how she carried her basket like a purse.

"Look, I got a lot more eggs with just me at the egg hunt" :-)


Peter and Nancy said...

You sure had a rough winter of illnesses -- that is such a drag when Christmas and Easter come. :o) Sounds like you were a very creative mama, and found low-maintenance ways to work around the bug. Alesha looks adorable with her basket!

Nikki said...

It sounds to me like you had a near perfect holiday! I love quiet family times...and how sweet are your boys! Alesha is beyond beautiful and I feel like I can see her gentleness and sweetness in your pictures! You are blessed!

Julie & Patrick said...

So sorry that you've been plagued with the ickys for so long. I hope you've seen the end of it! Your egg hunts sound fun and the first LARGE one is so reminiscent or our first attempts too. Love how grown up Alesha is getting and the way the boys dote on her. So sweet!